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Bob Shop FAQ

I Cannot Choose My Desired Size - What Does That Mean?

If your desired size is not available in the menu then unfortunately your size is not in product range.

Has My Order Arrived At Bobshop Yet?

After receiving your order, Bob Shop will send a confirmation email (order confirmation) detailing the exact order (items, type of payment you have chosen, address, etc.) with your order number.  

After having received the order confirmation you can be sure that your order has reached us and is being processed immediately.

Can I Still Change My Order?

Since it is not possible for you to change your order after it has been placed, Bob Shop would like to invite you to contact them via telephone or email. As long as your articles haven't been shipped, Bob Shop will be happy to consider your wishes.  

  • Email: 
  • free Phone (UK): 0800 088 59 82
  • Phone(other countries): +49 1803 - 58 58 800

Is It Safe to Pay With Credit Card?

Your credit card information is transmitted via SSL encoding system. Your data is absolutely safe with bobshop.

Credit Card Payment Doesn't Work - What Can I Do?

  • Please check if all information given is correct and if your credit card is still valid. 
  • If payment is still not possible, please choose a different type of payment.

I Want to Pay Via Advance Payment - Where Do I Transfer the Amount To?

Please transfer the amount to the following bank account:  

  • Bank: Postbank Karlsruhe 
  • Recipient: Bike o'bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG
  • IBAN: DE77660100750134125758

When Will My Credit Card Or Paypal Account Be Charged By Bob Shop?

When you order via credit card, the invoice amount will be debited to your account after the articles have been shipped.  

As PayPal is the quickest type of payment, the amount will be debited immediately after shipment.

I Have Ordered Via Advance Payment - Has Bob Shop Received My Payment?

As soon as Bob Shop receives your payment, your order will be shipped and you will be informed via email.

Who Will Deliver the Order?

  • For delivery outside Germany Bob Shop will use DHL, DPD or FedEx. 
  • Express shipments will be shipped exclusivly with FedEx.

I Live Outside the EU - What Do I Need to Consider?

Before you place your order, please get information about the customs regulation for your country! 

Possible taxes or customs duties must be borne by you and cannot be reimbursed by Bob Shop! Shipments to countries outside the EU are exempted from German VAT (19%). When choosing your delivery country, prices will automatically appear without VAT.

Can I Have My Order Shipped to Another Address?

You can have your order shipped to a different address. Please choose "different shipping address" in your order process and enter the address there. 

How Do I Find the Article I Am Looking For?

At Bobshop you have several possibilities to easily find your article:  

  1. Use the shop navigation to find the desired categories and shop there or
  2. Enter a search term, the name or number of an article in the "Search" field.