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How Much Does It Cost for Data Loading Services?

Data less than 200 MB is .45/drive. For greater than 200 MB, it is .99/per flash drive. For very large requests (greater than 3,000 drives), give PrintUSB a call and they will see what can be done.

How Do I Pay for My Order At PrintUSB?

PrintUSB requires Credit card (Visa, M/C, AMEX) or corporate check. Also  PrintUSB offers ACH wire transfer if you prefer.

How Long Will My Order Take At PrintUSB?

Plan about three weeks as these custom USB drives are manufactured for you. PrintUSB has ways to get orders process faster, so call PrintUSB to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.

Do PrintUSB Has Sample Flash Drives Available?

PrintUSB does offer sample flash drives on most products. Samples must be paid for with credit card or ACH. Depending on the model, some samples may not be available.

Can You Deliver Custom Flash Drives to My Event / Hotel / Trade Show, Etc?

Absolutely! Save yourself the extra shipping charge and hassle. Let PrintUSB ship straight to your event. Your product will be waiting on you when you get there. Simply give PrintUSB your booth number, or hotel address and they will take care of the rest. 

What If I Don’t See the Flash Drive I Want?

If you find your perfect USB flash drive and you don’t see it on the site of PrintUSB. Please give PrintUSB a call. PrintUSB has global resources and contacts world-wide. PrintUSB is happy to check their inventory and availability on the drive of your choice. (Some of these orders will require longer lead times and may incur custom-order fees.)

My Company Requires P.O. Payments; Can I Order From PrintUSB?

In certain circumstances P.O. or payment terms can be extended. This decision is made on a “per company” basis and will require vendor and bank references as well as a credit check.

Why is 100 Units the Minimum?

PrintUSB has a 100 unit minimum on all orders due to the cost of production. You will pay the same amount for 100 drives that you would for a less quantity. Due to manufacturing cost, if you order less than 100 units you will be charged a set-up and printing fee for each unit. If you order the minimum, those charges can be waived.

Can PrintUSB Match My Company Colors On a Custom Printed Flash Drive?

PrintUSB uses PMS Pantone color system to match your company’s logo/graphic color exactly. PrintUSB gives you the option to choose your own PMS color or we can match it for you. In addition to matching ink colors, PrintUSB is also able to match the color of most of their USB drives to your company colors.